Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The song “Sinaktan Mo Ang Puso Ko” (you broke my heart) by Michael V had a strange effect on me. During the time I was experiencing things that to me were very unusual, whenever I heard that song, I felt as though it was meant for me and directed towards me. I felt as though I was being accused of hurting someone else’s feeling.

In the workplace, when I heard a male co-employee sing that song quite a bit loud, I felt uncomfortable. When I heard that song on the radio, I wanted to cover my ears. I seemed to have persecution complex. Or was I really getting paranoid then?

Also, during that time, I had a very close friend from Laguna whose youngest daughter was my godchild. As my days were stressful and there were problems in all areas of my life, I always ran to my friend for moral support. He was my refuge and when I found things to be so unbearable, I would see him.

In one of my visits to his place in Laguna, my two-year-old godchild (perhaps younger), who was so very fond of me gestured to me to carry her as she stretched her little arms. We were about to go to the public market then to buy some foodstuffs.

While I carried her in my arms and as we walked our way to the market, my godchild pointed to the distant mountain before us and as though giving me a riddle, asked me, “Ano ang tawag mo sa bundok na…” (what do you call the mountain that…) but I could not recall her complete statement. If I was not mistaken, that mountain she pointed to was Mount Banahaw.

I wondered why such a toddler could talk to or communicate with me that way as though she was already a grown-up girl.

What amazed me even more was when the baby came closer to my face, then her little mouth, barely an inch away from my ears, whispered, “Gaudencio… Gaudencio…” (my real first name).

Flabbergasted, and a bit scared, I looked at her and asked her, “Sino’ng nagturo sa iyo niyan?” (who taught you that?) Gazing at me fixedly, she then seriously asked me, “Hindi ba Gaudencio ang pangalan mo?” (isn’t your name Gaudencio?) She then sang as though she meant it for me, “Sinaktan mo ang puso ko…” (you broke my heart…)

A few minutes later, she fell asleep with her head resting on my left shoulder.


CZEL said...

ngiii.... i had goosebumps!

Ron Centeno said...

Goddy! Nakakatakot naman yan!

About the song, if it makes you remember that weird instance in your life, the song amuses me every time I hear it.

Hmmm. It sounds like these paranormal instances seem to be following you.

You must be special my friend.

Take care!

j.b. said...

hi goddy thanks for tagging my blog for the Uber Amazing Blog Award I don't know if i've done it right.. i tagged this blog because i find it very interesting. please chack my blog and comment if i've done it correctly thanks a lot

john said...

Nice Post! I hope you can post more pinoy true ghost-stories or anything paranormal like anting antings and the like...

Goddy said...

Thanks, John for your comment! I intentionally created this blog not to write about ghost, anting-anting, and like things 'cause I don't believe in them. The reason why I created this blog is to write about things I ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED that to me were inexplicable. I just can't write about my other experiences because I got pretty busy lately especially so that we have a change in leadership in our organizational unit. Once I find the time to do so, I'll do it. Thanks for the award. Thanks for your support!

JJRod'z said...

the title really took my eyes... i have that same line days before my birthday!... got same experience with my nephews and nieces...have a great week...

Goddy said...

Thanks, JJRod'z for visiting my blog. I'm trying to access yours but could not. You can also visit my other blogs: and