Friday, March 13, 2009


There are occurrences in our lives that are inexplicable and very difficult to comprehend. They not only make us wonder why but they even seem to (or really) debunk some scientific theories that we learned in school.

I have my share of the inexplicable. I did not know if I was possessed then or there was a problem with my nervous system. Or both. I turned to Religion for an answer but I was very much confused and afraid. In fact, for quite some time, my faith in God was shaken.

I sought professional help but the psychiatrist just prescribed a number of tranquilizers which I used not for a day nor week nor month but for years. And before I knew it, I was heavily dependent on them. In fact, I couldn't do without them.

I experienced sleepless nights and there was even a time when I was wide awake for days. I was psychosomatic, I thought I was sick. I thought I was losing my head... I thought it was the end of me.

Let me share with you those supernatural experiences. And this third blog of mine is exclusive for those inexplicable phenomena. However weird, I hope you'll enjoy reading them.

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artily said...

Of rest before!

Once in the travel time by rail is convenient for most people. Auspicious day he worked.
In the garden is far from his home garden and much of it from the train station several kilometers.

Mongkol live in this section several days in the morning, he felt sick as he is trying to own up the storage thing.
Back to Home Trying to open eyes auspicious rise up at once daybreak. But they fall asleep again. Mongkol rise again when the sun is at.
Lines spill into the light he shed feel better than at dawn when the rise but many feel it a little dizzy.

When the garland from the garden to walk through the chop, he felt dizzy him. Ml until a similar walk to the tree.
The first one is near the train station. Middle-aged men found him called him "boy. เถอะ rest stop before "the auspicious sentiment
Happy to put it to the man that

When the two came to a stop after a home page. Male people are invited to the garland on the rest home and let the yard.
Felicitous fall asleep with exhaustion, he should fall asleep long enough. When the man came up to get the garland up and then say it's time.
Back then the train is coming to the dash. Who would not get it to stop on the way to greet out of the village are many people.
Stare and try to trigger off the garland. But he would not stop. The men who tell it. Mongkol walk to the train station back home immediately.

Time over several months. Auspicious return to the garden again, he intends to thank the man who, while they walk to the tree.
Early old father, he found the one standing in the area. Both still talking. ทัก the father said, "Oops, there are people Oim"

Mongkol feel a little dizzy when father was known for speaking up as before. , And they've never met the father!
"I know the father or ครับ? "The father then tells the events that day to listen to that auspicious day the father to take the garland.
From the cemetery, but it does not greet you? Think that just continuing to use the shortcut through the cemetery enough father to be found to the bier.
Leaves a place beside the bier, and wake up the sleeping on it. Suppose that the father is "a continuing Oim there to sleep on it".

Felicitous narrative that man has just died a few days to do the traditional cremation ceremony, "I think uncle want to continue watching Oim.
To rest up before a high fever and his death-perhaps ".........
Apologize if you read hard I use translater from moy language to English Language