Monday, March 16, 2009


In the latter part of the 90s, during my designation as Alternate Evidence Custodian of an intelligence and investigation office, I reported for work on a day which was supposed to be my day off. We had a TV set in the Evidence Room and, to do away with loneliness, I turned that TV set on.

The program on TV then was a prayer rally by a religious organization led by its preacher or leader.

The way the religious leader preached seemed improper to me as he appeared to be boasting. Unimpressed by what he was saying, I said to myself in the local dialect, “Teka nga, mapatay nga itong TV!” (I’ll turn this TV set off!)

To my surprise, as though the preacher heard me and as though he was just inside the room, he pointed his right index finger to me then said, “Sige, kung gusto mo, patayin mo pa itong TV!” (Go ahead, if you want, turn this TV set off!) Though a bit afraid, I turned it off.

I couldn’t figure out how that incident happened. Perhaps, it was just pure coincidence. Since I found it real difficult to comprehend, I just resigned to the fact that there are occurrences in this world that are beyond man’s comprehension.

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